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Employment Law

In today’s employment climate, employers and employees alike face a number of legal obstacles. For individuals and businesses in Florida, understanding the laws surrounding employment is often not a high priority until there is a conflict. For those who are facing a dispute between employer and employee, retaining a law firm that specializes in the intricacies of Florida’s employment statutes is the best path to a timely resolution. The Krohn Law Firm understands the complexities of the law from both employer and employee perspectives and can provide advice and representation for your unique employment dispute.

For Employers

Ignorance of the legal obligations and rights as an employer can cost your company. You want to be sure that your company is protected without impinging on the rights of employees. At the Krohn Law Firm we are able to answer your questions regarding wage and hour laws, overtime, exempt and non-exempt status, separation, severance, non-compete agreements and employment contracts. We can also draft employee handbooks, employment policies and contracts reflecting the unique needs of your company and provide representation in legal disputes with employees.

For Employees

Understanding the obligations and rights of your employer is important in avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings. We can review your employment offer letters, contracts, severance agreements, non-competes and compensation agreements to help you understand your obligations and rights as an employee. Before you sign any agreement with your employer, have it reviewed by our staff. It is not necessary to wait until a separation to consult with Michael Krohn.  We can assist you in understanding the law as it applies to your case.

The Krohn Law Firm offers experience and knowledge in all aspects of Florida employment law for employers and employees. We take a team-oriented approach and strive to provide the same team to work with you from beginning to end.

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