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Business Law

Whether you are starting a new business or you are an existing business owner, you will be confronted with decisions everyday that may affect your legal rights or obligations. From incorporating your business, to entering agreements with vendors, it is necessary that you protect your legal rights and interests when you enter into a legal contract. At the Krohn Law Firm, we are experienced in representing business owners in the legal transactions necessary for business start-up as well as the day-to-day operational transactions requiring legal assistance.

An Overview of Starting a Business

If you’re a small business owner and you operate in your own capacity or as a sole proprietorship, you will likely be personally liable for all of the debts and obligations of the business itself; if your business fails, you will go under with it. But even if you’re willing to create an artificial entity through which to run your business, where do you start? What entity do you create? How do you ensure that you have complied with all of the legal requirements for the establishment of your entity, such that its entity status isn’t in jeopardy and you’re not held liable for its obligations by default? And once your entity is properly formed, how do you ensure you are meeting Florida’s business reporting/filing and other such conditions, so as to be certain your entity won’t be judicially dissolved for your failure to do so?

Your best bet is to hire a licensed Florida attorney who is experienced in the practice of business/corporate law to help you through the process.

Also, you should know that hiring an attorney to perform all of the required incorporation services on your behalf will likely cost you less than it would to procure each of the individual services from an online company.

At the Krohn Law Firm we can advise you on the benefits of employing one entity structure over another, and assist you with the preparation of a shareholder/operating agreement, which is important if your entity will be owned by two or more people – so as to guard against misunderstandings/disputes.

Our business law practice is focused on protecting the rights of our clients. We will assert your interests and make your rights and obligations clear to protect you against future liability.

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